Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why are people at the post office so mean? Just.Be.Nice.

Someone please tell me why - whenever I see my mail man on the street he is always really nice. But how come the people in the post office are so rude and mean?!

After my week in Dublin I come home to find my mailbox jammed. I check it every week. Okay, maybe sometimes every other week. But to be fair it's always grocery ads - and I don't grocery shop. But sometimes it's packages - and when it is packages.. our mailman likes to try to squeeze it all in to my tiny mailbox. This gets worse when there are grocery ads AND packages.

So after being gone a week my mailbox is now jammed and I can't get the lock to open because I think my For the Makers box is right on the inside of the lock. FUN. I actually snapped my key in half yesterday trying to get it open. OH JOY. Now my For the Makers box is held hostage :(.

I called the post office today to see what they could do.. Here is how the convo went down.

Post office lady: hello? blah blah blah (I cant hear her because she has a thick accent and is mumbling)

Me: Hiii. My mailbox is jammed and I can't get the lock open..

Post office lady: This is your fault. You should not wait so long to get your mail. If you do that it will jam up. This is your fault. You should not wait so long

Me: ... So I tried to open it.. and in the process I broke my key in half.

Post office lady: Okay then you will have to pay 25 dollars to replace the lock and we give you a new key. But you will have to wait to get your mail.

Me: I don't need a new key I have an extra - (she cuts me off here)

Post office lady: So you use the key you have to open the mailbox to get your mail.

Me: I can't. It's stuck. I can't physically turn the lock - I think theres a package in the way

Post office lady: Ok hold on. .... Your post man comes every day at 2:30 - 3:30. Tomorrow you can wait for him there and he will show you how to open the mailbox.

Me: ok... is there anyway he can drop it off at my door or I can pick it up from the post office?

Post office lady: If we take the time to deliver the mail to you, you can make time to meet him there tomorrow. This is your fault, you should not have waited so long to get the mail.

So listen. I understand the post office is strapped and it's a difficult/extremely big machine. I get it. No I'm not a princess. But I AM A HUMAN. I am not a child. I do not need to be scolded. I get it. I shouldn't have let my mailbox overflow - but this woman was so rude to me over the phone.

People should just be nice to other people.


Update: 1. My mailman is SO nice. I did stalk him down and he helped me get my mail! Also recommended some Wd-40 or whatever for my lock.

2. My For the Makers box was NOT in there. :( For some reason it was being sent back to them - USPS said they delivered it 4/21 but clearly they didnt because as of 4/26 it was being routed BACK to For the Makers. :(


  1. Wow. I would not have handled that well.

    "If we can take the time to deliver your mail..." Um, yeah you're taking the time to do your job while I am also doing my job at my place of business.

    Just wow.

    My current mailman is the bomb-diggity. Whenever one of my sub boxes comes he'll come up the driveway and drop it off on my doorstep. I should leave him a note (or something that he'd actually like).

    1. I know! She was so mean! My UPS man Tony however, is my BFF. lol.